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Georg Pieron ©

 Here in her studio, Veronika Spleiss creates graphic paintings in acrylic, oil, paint markers, gouache and ink - hidden objects on canvases, mainly painted with a thin brush. Her first step towards a work of art is to look at the white canvas or linen. In some works, Veronika Spleiss already gets an idea regarding the theme and its conception during the night or at another time of everyday life, when she only imagines the white canvas in a certain size. At this moment, the imagination allows forms and theme to emerge with an ease, even if the painting process takes longer and longer.


In other works, it becomes and is altogether a lengthy process until the theme is found and its execution. Then it is no longer enough just to have the white canvas and the flash of inspiration that comes with it - the work is then literally "worked out". For in a certain sense it is about syntheses: Combinations that are unconsciously taken from reality as fragments. These are not always immediately accessible to the artist, but require deeper contemplation.


This is the dichotomy of art. It is an executive means of freedom and in its unlimited possibilities all the more difficult to determine in its course. Of course, there are those works that are created in a kind of "just get going". But the process of pausing, interrupting and reflecting is essential for the search, finding and execution of themes. All these elements accompany the artist throughout the painting process. She is reluctant to change the already painted line on the canvas, especially as the contrast of white and black makes changes difficult. All the more reason to think through the work of art.  So the creation of a painting is not always simple, but it is it worth in both ways - in creating as an artist and contemplating as a viewer.

Art studio by Veronika Spleiss

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Narratio graphica

by Veronika Spleiss

A sentence that best describes you and your art?

Diversion and Tension of life between order and chaos

that is visually expressed as a narration:

Narratio Graphica.

Narratio Graphica by Veronika Spleiss

Essen and Munich, Germany

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