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Life Series

About the series "Life Series:

Entirely in the sense of Friedrich Nietzsche, the aspect of a perspective is shown as the "basic condition of all life" (JGB, KSA 5, p. 12). Because life encompasses a whole. But man himself has no access to this. The living person is always bound to his own perspective and view of the world, which has a certain inherent order. The works play with these aspects. Even more, the artist tries to visualize life graphically in her versatile perspectives. For the viewer of Veronika Spleiss' works, this means first and foremost chaos - a supposedly chaotic assemblage of different perspectives that emerge from the black or nothingness. Each particle, each geometric form stands on its own, but approaches the other forms and thus establishes a necessary connection.

Following the black lines

About the series "Following the black lines":

The typical artistic expression of the artist Veronika Spleiss began with the series "Following the black lines": hidden objects in geometrical shapes. To this day, works in this series are created and constantly change. At first glance, it is about fragments of black lines that come together to formulate a story. But above all, it is about interpersonal relationships that are depicted in a static state. Abstract figures stand alone or together in a painting, leaning towards each other, turning away from each other, or even standing neutrally next to each other. In all cases, a fragmentary environment surrounds them, allowing them to come together or separating them. The works are abstract snapshots of an interpersonal development. A moment is captured statically, hidden and visible - the basic essence of each painting.


About the series "Perspectives":

The series "Perspectives" by Veronika Spleiss originated from initially small square-shaped works.  The acrylic paintings appear even more abstract. No rudiments of realistic objects can be discerned, as is the case, for example, in the "Life Series". For the quintessence of the series "Perspectives" is movement and static in interplay. The figures and forms appear delineated and yet fluid. They virtually interweave with each other. In a reduced colour palette, they fragmentarily assemble themselves and their surroundings. But why call this series "Perspectives"?  Generally speaking, it is about the relationship of objects to space; in "Perspectives" it is about the relationship of the figures to each other. Depending on the perspective of the figure, the surroundings would appear different to it. Other figures appear closer or further, shapes larger or smaller. Being bound to a perspective depends on our starting point, but what if we change it? The flowing movement of the images is a plea for new perspectives, even if our starting point is static at first.


About the series "Ways":

The artistic series "Wege" contains some parallels to the other series of the artist Veronika Spleiss. Both stylistically and thematically, the theme of paths traverses the work of the artist. The series began from the life series with the work "Wegleben". " Paths" deals consciously - thematically as well as representationally with paths, twists, movements - always in the context of "way". People set out on paths, stand beside them or elude the path of life they desire. Paths on which man walks and always stands in relation to others. Often the paths are clearly recognizable. They are straight, curved, branch into each other or in turn merge into a common path.

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Narratio graphica

by Veronika Spleiss

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Diversion and Tension of life between order and chaos

that is visually expressed as a narration:

Narratio Graphica.

Narratio Graphica by Veronika Spleiss

Essen and Munich, Germany

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