Following the black lines

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The typical artistic expression of the artist Veronika Spleiss began with the series "Following the black lines": hidden objects in geometrical shapes. To this day, works in this series are created and constantly change. At first glance, it is about fragments of black lines that come together to formulate a story. But above all, it is about interpersonal relationships that are depicted in a static state. Abstract figures stand alone or together in a painting, leaning towards each other, turning away from each other, or even standing neutrally next to each other. In all cases, a fragmentary environment surrounds them, allowing them to come together or separating them. The works are abstract snapshots of an interpersonal development. A moment is captured statically, hidden and visible - the basic essence of each painting.

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Narratio graphica

by Veronika Spleiss

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Diversion and Tension of life between order and chaos

that is visually expressed as a narration:

Narratio Graphica.

Narratio Graphica by Veronika Spleiss

Essen and Munich, Germany

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